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If you are buying a property or currently own, live or work in a property that you suspect may have asbestos in it, Alliance Asbestos Removals safely, effectively and thoroughly complete all asbestos related services.
We are 
the experts in the removal of asbestos from Residential & Commercial sites.
We are a leader in Asbestos Removal and being EQC accredited also offer the highest level of service in regards to Asbestos Removal.  

• FREE QUOTES including property assessment
• Asbestos Sampling and Identification
• Asbestos Reports
• Professional, thorough and safe removal of asbestos & contaminated waste from site
• Air clearance testing & issuing of reoccupation clearance certificate

Need specialist asbestos removals South Island wide? We are Canterbury based and specialise in all forms of asbestos removal and encapsulation for Residential, Commercial and Environmental. Foe all asbestos related work, samples & removal, decontamination and clean up, demolition & encapsulation, and even disposal (at certified hazardous waste landfills).

Our qualified and experienced staff follow complete compliance with all best practices and regulations set down by Work Safe NZ.
We use only the latest modern equipment and have handled asbestos removal in NZ and Australia.
We also have a combined knowledge & experience as registered building practitioners with 25 years building experience.
Have peace of mind in knowing you are in the best hands. Check out our sister site is Alliance Building Group.

We are specialists in all forms of asbestos removal and encapsulation
All other forms of asbestos removal

And for all Asbestos related work...
Decontamination and Clean up
Disposal (at certified hazardous waste landfills)
Asbestos Registers and more!

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